FAQ Nagpur – Frequently Asked Question – Auditions

Hello Fabb people, we are delighted to have you audition for Miss/Mrs/Mr Fabb Nagpur 2023! To help you navigate the audition process smoothly, we have prepared a document containing answers to the most frequently asked questions. From eligibility requirements to audition format and judging criteria, all essential details are covered. Please check the document thoroughly for a comprehensive understanding. Should you have any additional queries, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Best of luck, and we can’t wait to see your remarkable talents on display!

Q: What are the steps once I enter the audition venue?

Registration: Go to the Registration Counter and provide your contestant number, which will be sent to you one day before the audition. Fill and sign the provided sheet with the terms & conditions. You will receive a badge with your contestant number that you need to wear visibly on your dress.

Waiting Area: Proceed to the waiting area and wait for your slot to begin. A volunteer will announce the start of your slot and arrange contestants in Q number order for auditions.

Backstage and On-stage: When your turn comes, follow the sequence of your badge number and proceed backstage. On stage, there will be two rounds – Walk and Introduction. Don’t worry about perfection; be confident in your presentation.

Q: Is there a changing room at the audition venue?

A: Unfortunately, there is no specific changing room available at the audition venue. However, you can use the mall washrooms for any necessary changes.

Q: Is hair & Makeup and clothing provided for the audition?

A: Hair & makeup, and clothing for auditions must be managed by yourself. However, you must follow the dress codes mentioned.

Q: What and how should I walk on stage?

A: Don’t worry about being perfect; Miss/Mrs/Mr Fabb Nagpur 2023 auditions welcome beginners too. There will be two rounds: Walk and Introduction.

For the walk round, a volunteer will show you how to walk and cover the entire ramp. For the introduction, you can speak in Hindi or English and mention your Name, Age, Contestant Number, City, and other interesting details. Keep it short and engaging.

After your introduction, take an exit from behind the stage.

Q: What will the jury judge on, and when will the results be declared?

A: The jury considers not just the ramp walk but also your overall stage presence, confidence, and introduction quality. Results are typically declared slot-wise through WhatsApp, usually within 1 hour after auditions. If selected, proceed to the registration counter and pay the finale fees of Rs 7500.

Q: What to do if I do not get my results within 1 hour?

A: Sometimes, due to reconciliation, results may be delayed and delivered the next day or even two days later. Once you receive the selection message on WhatsApp, proceed with the payment of Rs 7500 as seats are limited, and acceptance of payment stops once they are full.

Q: How many contestants will be selected for the finale?

A: The number of finalists depends on the quality of participants. Generally, 20 to 35 finalists are selected in each category.

Q: What is included in the finale fees?

Finale fees is of Rs 7500 which will include

  1. 5 Days of Training & Grooming Session
  2. Photoshoot Session
  3. Hair & Makeup For the finale 
  4. Clothing for all rounds for the finale 
  5. Participation Certificate 
  6. And Many More Add-on’s

Q: What are the training dates & timings?

A: Training will be held on weekends and holidays. The specific dates are 12th August, 13th August, 15th August, 18th August, and 19th August. Timings are from 11 AM to 7 PM / 8 PM, with different sessions allocated to the Miss, Mrs & Mr Category. Exact timings will be communicated via WhatsApp on 10th August 2023, but only to finalists who have paid the finale fees.

Remember, if you have any further queries or require additional information, don’t hesitate to ask.

Once again, we are thrilled to have you as a part of the Miss/Mrs/Mr Fabb Nagpur 2023 auditions. Remember, auditions are a platform for everyone, including beginners, to shine and showcase their unique qualities. Embrace your confidence and individuality, and let your true beauty and personality radiate on the stage. This is your chance to make unforgettable memories, build lasting friendships, and embark on an incredible journey towards self-discovery and growth.

Let the world witness your charisma, talent, and charm, as you take bold strides on the ramp and mesmerise the audience. We believe in your potential and are eagerly looking forward to seeing you dazzle at the auditions.

So, mark the dates, wear your brightest smile, and let your inner star shine! Best wishes for the auditions and remember, you are fabulous, inside and out! See you on the stage, Miss/Mrs/Mr Fabb Nagpur 2023!